Power Couples Of Lollywood


Marriage is a beautiful relation between two partners, who mutually agree to spend their lives together. Somebody who knows all your flaws, insecurities and still feel confident enough to accept you in front of the whole world, is someone who we all want. It’s just about accepting each other and to stand for each other, when needed. It is really not like a fantasy that we get to see in movies now days, it’s actually a lot more than that as it requires real time and effort. No doubt, it is one of the most difficult decision to take in life, for both men and women. It’s really not a piece of cake to eat, it’s a lifetime decision to make wisely. We see many examples of different couples in our day to day life, some are living happily together, while some face quite a few problems to deal with each other. Some people believe in love marriages, while some think that arrange marriages work better but trust me, it’s all about your destiny at the end of the day.



The term, “Power Couple” is something that everyone wishes to be but not everyone gets to be called by it. Everyone can be a couple but it requires a lot to be a power couple. Some of the attributes to be a power couple are given below:

  • To support each other
  • Best friends even in a relationship
  • You achieve your goals together
  • Believe in each other
  • Focus on growing together
  • No drama in relationship
  • No attacks on weak points
  • Both are healthy, mentally and physically
  • No fear of judgements
  • Prioritizing each other
  • Listen and understand
  • Let go things easily

Above is the list of some attributes to be a power couple and it requires consistency throughout the relation. If you think you do it all, then CONGRATS you really are a power duo!!!\

Now talking about Lollywood, we see many real life couples working together in the same industry who we really admire. Some have parted their ways, while some are growing stronger together. We have to believe a fact, that whatever we see on social media is not always true. People start admiring others on the bases of what they see online and then, compare their lives with other. It’s the high time that we need to stop believing it and ruin our relations in some sort of comparison. We know few of our favorite couples from showbiz who have parted their ways, which makes us realize that not everything we see is real. Below are some of our favorite duos from showbiz, who we think are perfect example of power couple.


  • Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor

Pakistan’s most favorite couple today, has to be none other than Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor. Both of them are equally loved by audience because people believe they don’t try to fake anything. They both fell in love while working together and decided to marry. They now have two children who are as beautiful as their parents. All four of them make a cute little family, who we are completely obsessed with.


  • Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

We have seen twin sisters, both Aiman and Minal working in industry from a very young age and have loved them ever since. Talking about Aiman Khan, who fell in love with a charming gentlemen Muneeb Butt during a drama shoot. They both decided to marry after some time of their relationship. Both of them are well known for the having the longest wedding because of too many events. They also have a cute little daughter who is no less than a doll. This family of 3 has to be goals for everyone.


  • Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

The diva and superstar Sajal Aly decided to marry Ahad Raza Mir, after her breakup with Feroze Khan which lasted many years. As things didn’t work out between them, both of them decided to move on with dignity. She, then fell in love with Ahad Raza Mir who is son of the legendary actor, Adnan Raza Mir. Sajal’s fans think that she made a right decision to marry Ahad because they find him better than anyone else.


  • Hira and Mani

The liveliest person Hira Mani fell in love with Mani when he was her best friend’s fiancé. She tell audience in every interview that how he took out Mani’s number from her best friend’s phone and started talking to him. Hira always wanted to do acting but never got a chance, but after marrying Mani she entered showbiz and started acting. Her fans keep growing everyday as they really connect to her because they found her very real. The couple now have two grown up sons.



Moona Laghari

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