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We all are familiar with the word “LIFE” but do we really know what it actually means? I think people are still confuse and don’t know it’s real meaning. People have different meanings of life. For some people life is to come, live and die. For some life is all about earning money and gaining fame. They spend all their life in doing work and work and then when they earn money and fame they die so what’s the use of such money and fame which is temporary? What’s the use of such life? Life is not all about work.
As well said:
“People rarely live in the world they just exist”
Life is a mixture of happiness, sadness, sorrows, gratitude. Those who only wish for happiness are fools because life is incomplete without all such phases. I want to enjoy every phase of life as we all know that “we only live once”. I want to utilise it well. We all make mistakes in our life but we should learn from that mistakes and move on instead of crying or regretting on it because life is all about moving on.
Another version of life is to see other people happy because of you. It has it’s own charm. To help people to be a cause of someone’s happiness. Thankfulness is an important factor of life. We should be thankful to Allah Almighty that he gave us this beautiful life. So we should utilise it usefully.
Happiness matters in life. We start being happy when we stop reacting to people’s harsh comments or being afraid of doing anything because what will other people say? Its your life it’s their so why other people have hold on your life? Who are they?? Are they your creators? No so why to be afraid of the people who make the so called “society” and stops us from living our life and doing what we wanted to do. Stop being afraid of then and letting them eat your happiness. Just have faith in Allah Almighty have fear of him only. Obey him only because he his the creator and no one else.
Love is a beautiful phase of life. It changes your life totally. It brings your world upside down. It is an amazing experience one can have. Those who have love in their life has lived a phase of life. Love can be for people, for animals, for nature. Love can also be for life. Once you start loving the life you start loving its all phases.
As someone said:
“If you start loving life. It will love you back”
Self love is also important in life. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. We forget that we have a life to live for ourselves. We forget our worth. Sometimes we only live to please others. We don’t love ourselves and because of it we are unhappy because we are living life for others not for ourself. Sometimes we try to become someone else to copy someone life forgetting that you have your own life they are living their own life and you have to live your own life not theirs.
We should try to enjoy and avail every moment of life because the moment which is lost is lost forever and it can never come back. It does not matter how many years you will have in life but the thing which matters is that how many life you will have in all years.

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