WB by Hemani launched its Herbal Oil Dietary Supplements Range with 13 different variants


The fast moving world has left no time for us to take care of our selves in terms of fulfilling the required or healthy nutritional intake. The deficiency of certain mineral & vitamins lead to health issues ranging from low levels of energy to aching muscles, joints and even developing higher chances of catching a deadly disease. This problem has long been solved by the pharmaceutical industry by coming with formulas in the shape of dietary supplements, mutlivitamins, soluble and nonsoluble solutions, energy drinks and the list goes on.

From ages, people are taking all these supplements in different forms and by following different timetables with least amount of research and without realizing that these kinds of artificial combinations can harm their bodies in numerous ways.


Recognizing the need, like always WB by Hemani launched Herbal Oil Dietary Supplements Range which has 13 different variants including one specially designed for ‘Fitness & Energy’ during the collaboration with Karachi Kings by being its Official Lifestyle Partner in 2021.


are made with 100% Natural Herbal Oils in ’13 Unique Variants’ each with mind-blowing benefits to treat & improve various underlying problems related to your BEAUTY, HEALTH, FITNESS & WELLNESS

Each variant is made of a ‘Distinctive Herbal Oil’ to support & improve:

Immunity & Energy
Inflammation & Infections
Digestion & Detoxification
Heart & Nutrition
Skin & Hair
Weightloss & Hormones
Joints & Wounds
Prostate & Premature Ageing

Discover the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF with the right kind of HERBAL SUPPLEMENT!


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