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Gary Glitter won’t get royalties from Joker

A scene within the new Joker film is soundtracked by “Rock And Roll Part 2,” a 1972 music by Gary Glitter. Its inclusion has confronted criticism as a result of the British glam-rock artist was discovered responsible of quite a few intercourse crimes, together with having illegitimate relations with a woman beneath the age of 13 and 4 counts of indecent assault.

Rights holders for Gary Glitter’s catalogue of songs have stated that the disgraced rock star will not receive royalties from one of his songs being used in the movie Joker.

Glitter is serving a 16-year jail term for sexual offences against children. He was jailed for four months on child pornography charges in 1999, and for three years in Vietnam after being convicted of child sex offences in 2006.

His song Rock and Roll Part 2 is used prominently in one scene in Joker, prompting reports that Glitter could receive a six-figure sum as one of the two credited songwriters. But speaking to the LA Times, the label Snapper Music, which owns Glitter’s catalogue, said: “Gary Glitter does not get paid – we’ve had no contact with him”.

Joker won the Golden Lion prize at the Venice film festival and has been a critical and commercial hit, earning nearly $550m worldwide in two weeks.

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