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Sorry Guys! Intelligence in children is inherited from mothers, not fathers

This blog may come out as a source of rage for all the dads out there. But, whatever you are going to read next is completely true and proven through researches. As per the studies, children inherit intelligence from their mothers (female X chromosome).

The X chromosome is a constituent of thousands of genes, majority of which help in perception building. Till now, it was considered that both the parents contribute equally to intelligence of the children, but now it has been found that women are more likely to have an impact on the cognitive abilities of their children, as there are two X chromosomes when compared with one male chromosome.

Intelligence is considered to be a highly gender specific gene and is considered to come directly through mothers. Not just through genes or other genetically inherited capabilities, but children are also more likely to affect from their mothers as nutrition and nurture comes through the courtesy of them. Mothers are the one who are responsible for the intellectual development of their kids throughout their life.

Furthermore, mother and a child always carry a special bond that provides motivation and is a stepping stone towards developing problem solving capabilities and providing a broader perspective into life. Thus, women are playing a much bigger part in the intellectual development of their children, and even genetic studies have proved it.

So, all thanks to our mothers for helping us with the brainpower and developing brains. And on the other hand, sorry fathers, we love you but we will have to credit a bigger percentage of our intelligence to our mothers. Sorry Fathers!

Sorry Guys! Intelligence in children is inherited from mothers, not fathers


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