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Iqra Aziz reveals her mother was not happy on her birth

Iqra Aziz was born on 24 November 1997 into a Sindhi family to Abdul Aziz and Aasiya Aziz. She belongs to a family of 3 – her mother, herself and her elder sister Sidra Aziz. She has a sound educational background and is a proud alumnus of St. Joseph’s convent school.

Iqra is one of the finest actors of our entertainment industry and has recently been in limelight for her engagement with Yasir Husain and his proposal at Lux Style Awards.

Apart from her extremely loving and close relationship with her mother, Iqra recently revealed that when she was born, her mother desperately wanted a son. Iqra Aziz was the second child and since the first one was a girl, her mother was hoping and praying that her second child will be a boy because that would make the family complete. She shared that her mother was not happy when she was born since she wished for a son. She said,

“My mom tells me herself that she was not happy when I was born and I say how is that even possible!”

Iqra Aziz said that her mother tells her that she was tiny when she was born and her mom couldn’t help but cuddle her all the time. She also shared that now her mother has a really strong bond with her. She also said that she is her mother’s favorite child now. Iqra’s mother, according to her, has played a major role in helping her build her career and she has always been there for her.

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