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Nadia Jamil’s next drama is about child trafficking!

Pakistani dramas have covered some very dark topics in the past few years, hoping that addressing taboos will increase awareness around important subjects.

Now Nadia Jamil is set to star in a drama revolving around child trafficking. She spoke about Damsa and how “it highlights the concepts of marriage, children and the dangerous reality of child trafficking.”

About the character, Jamil said, “Areeja is a nurse, a simple woman whose universe is her family. Until an incident changes her world around. The transformation she goes through in looking for her daughter [named Damsa] and the determination and perseverance she discovers in herself is quite inspiring.”

“Being a mother and how loving some one the way Areeja loves Damsa can change a person. It’s the kind of love that puts everything else at risk… Quite amazing.”

The drama has been written by Asma Nabeel and is being directed by Najaf Bilgrami.

According to the Behadd actor, the real star of the show is “the young star playing Damsa, Emaan Khan. [She’s] like a real daughter to me. Her focus and fearlessness is inspiring!”

For Jamil, working on the drama was “fabulous” while the drama itself is “intense and highly charged.” The actor is known for being vocal about social issues and children’s protection, previously starring in Mujhay Jeenay Do, a drama revolving around child marriages.

“We all worked really hard. We researched hard, rehearsed hard and shot for long spells and loved giving the project so much because it’s such an incredibly important topic: our children!”

While teasers for the drama are out, there is no release date as of yet.

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