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Our society is dominated by dowry
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Our society is dominated by dowry

By: Yumna Aijaz

We say we live in 21st century but my query here is, are we really mounting towards the betterment of our country. Are we walking towards the progress of our society? My friends, if you ask me, I’d say NO! Cause our society is dominated by dowry.

Yesterday, I was reading about Taskeen Bibi who was made to swallow poison just because she wasn’t able to feed her “sasural walay” with a heavy amount of dowry. Dahaij is becoming an ugly stigma in our society. This is an everyday problem in places like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and we all are falling prey to it.

Girls are seceding; parents are made to abort their baby girls, WHY… because their parents are not able to satisfy the want of some gluttonous minds. We as a whole play a role in making the girl feel like a burden on her parents. Ask yourself, how many times have you wished to be born as a boy or how many of us never wanted to be born as a girl?

A daughter is now judged by the amount a girl’s father has in his pocket. A girl’s happiness is measured by the quantum of dowry she can afford to give to the other family.

Inscription concerning it makes me gloomy regarding the reality of the society. It makes me want to end all of this at once however I can’t do anything alone. I can put my bit in making the humanity better similarly I want you to all consider if we want be the victim of it or fancy doing something in order to change it! THINK!

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