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Sooper, Junoon and Khudi: This Independence Day, it’s all about Pakistan!

By: Hina Ghaffar

Pakistan has completed 71 years of its independence this year. As a result, grand celebrations in the colours of green and white can be seen everywhere. From decorating houses and the country’s tallest buildings with the Pakistani flag to treating the whole population to a fantastic display of fireworks to even singing and performing on Jazba-e-Junoon and Dil Dil Pakistan in schools and corporate events, Pakistanis celebrated Independence Day with full zeal and fervour.

Times like these are when the whole nation is united in their love for their country. One brand has managed to go the extra mile on this occasion and that is Peek Freans Sooper. The nation’s favourite cookie brand which is famous for making the nation stand united and proud through its highly influential Sooper Hai Cricket and Sooper Hai Pakistan campaigns.

This year, Peek Freans Sooper has amazed us once again with its Sooper Hai Pakistan ka Junoon campaign, where they have collaborated with the nation’s favourite Sufi-rock band “Junoon”. The whole country has been abuzz with excitement at their long awaited comeback and was overcome with a sense of nostalgia and disbelief when Junoon took over the media airwaves with their signature music.

How perfect is the occasion and the choice of song “Khudi” for this celebrity rock band’s reunion! The campaign instantly made headlines all over social and electronic media causing the hype to reach its peak. Many celebrities shared their views of the video of Khudi through their social media channels. Thousands of tweets using the hashtag #SooperHaiPakistanKaJunoon, #Khudi, #Junoon, #PeekFreansSooper etc.were made, alighting a firestorm across social media, ultimately helping the campaign to go viral, even across the border.

Sooper really owned 14th August with this venture as it created numerous conversations causing it to become the number one trend online.

Music has the power to connect people across various cultures and beliefs and no matter which generation you belong to, Junoon’s music has proven to be immensely popular.

Sitaron Se Age Jahaan Aur Bhi Hain, Aur Bhi Hain

Abhi Ishq Ke Imtehaan Aur Bhi Hain, Aur Bhi Hain

Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqder Se Pehle

Khuda Bande Se Khud Poche Bata Teri Raza Kia Hai

With Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon campaign, Peek Freans Sooper has clearly awed the nation with its oh-so-awesome Independence Day campaign and won over the hearts of people. There is no denying that this campaign is the biggest campaign of August 2018. Check out the song:

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