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The dog from Ehd-e-Wafa has his own Instagram following!

The first episode ofΒ Ehd-e-WafaΒ is out and everyone loves it.

Be it the adorable squad that stole our hearts, the return of now Brigadier Faraz or the plot which moves away from the typical drama format we’re tired of watching, there’s something in it for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve noticed the audience absolutely adoring a certain pairing…

Oh no, not that one..

Well, maybe that one too but we actually meant…

Yep, Ahad Raza Mir’s companion in the drama, Zoro has won us over. After all, unconditional love, isn’t that so?

Just look at them!

While we were contemplating him getting his own show, we discovered there is a way to know more about the doggo:Β his Instagram account!

That’s right, Mr Zoro, the retriever (that’s his full name now) is an Instagram influencer and pretty cool about it. He’s 2 years old – insert long “daww!” here.

A bit of a show off, but wouldn’t you be one too if you had so many trophies?

Zoro had posted about making his big TV debut inΒ Ehd-e-Wafa

Hey Zoro, how ’bout a follow back? Until then, we’ll wait for your next appearance because…

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