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The fault in our menatlity
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The fault in our mentality

Pakistan is a strange country that no westerner can really understand. So many contradictions and so many half-truths — what is Pakistan really? I am proud to be a Pakistani, but some times it’s hard to ignore and let alone not laugh on things what we Pakistanis do.

To be precise it’s not only Pakistan but, all of the subcontinent; India and Bangladesh, where there this typical thinking prevails.

So today I would like to throw a little light on typical Pakistani mentality about Haram and Halal. It will be quite obnoxious to say that God’s thunderbolt will strike like a drone on America due to all the clubbing, gambling, liquor and drugs. Wait a minute, why not here in Pakistan? Because we all know the kind of dance parties we have here, the liquor that flows and the drug availability. But after doing all this, we have the guts to say, a girl sitting with a boy? HARAM! HARAM!

Second important thing i would like to talk about is the myth of how the hijab protects women against sexual assault. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a burqa or a mini skirt. A woman is always considered as an object for the gratification of men. But why? Instead of policing women and forcing them into corners about what they can and can’t wear,why don’t we police men to respect regardless of what they chose to step out of the house wearing?
All these things boiled down to one thing in my mind: women exist for the pleasure of men?

Catcalling and the sexual harassment of women isn’t something that we should just accept as a part of society. The solution doesn’t lie in the way women dress – it lies in the way women are viewed. I am a woman, and I am more than my body. Respect me.

The truth is, a man can choose to objectify a woman whether she’s wearing a bikini or a burqa. We don’t stop lust by covering up the female form; we stop lust by teaching men to treat women as human beings worthy of respect.

So my advice for women is find something that makes you comfortable. Find something that is ethically made. Don’t dress for men; dress for yourself. It’s not your responsibility to please men with either your sex appeal or your modesty; each man is different, so it would be a fool’s errand anyway. Instead, prioritize strength, dignity and good deeds, and then dress accordingly.

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