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Here are a few tips to help you overcome your fears and fuel your success

No one is born with fears. All fears are learned and overcoming them is a skill that anyone can acquire.

The most common fears that we experience, are the fear of failure, poverty, and loss of love. These fears cause people to avoid any kind of risk and to reject opportunity when it is presented to them. They are so afraid of failure that they are almost paralyzed when it comes to taking any chances at all.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome your fears and fuel your success:
Breathe. Your breath can set you free. It can anchor you in the now and help you vanquish and overcome your most pervasive fears. I’m writing it on top, because it’s one of the simplest and most powerful ways of overcoming fear. Just breathe!
Identify. Get specific about what exactly you’re afraid of, what are you really scared of? Become an observer of your inner space.
Write it down. Getting your fears down on paper is important, because trying to think them through doesn’t work. You get caught in endless loops of negativity that only lead you further down the rabbit hole, and make your life miserable.
Gratitude. Whenever you feel fear, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. If you’re afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, and that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.
Trainer. Do you have a fear of success, or a fear of failure? A good life trainer can help you examine what you truly want from life, and where your fears come from.
Read. Reading a good book on your specific fear can open new doors on how you can get rid of it.
Be Positive. Whenever fear strikes, flip it over. Instead of thinking of something bad that can happen, think of something positive.
Surrender. Surrendering to what is is powerful, because as long as we try to change what is, we are in war with reality.
Understand Failure. When you realize that failure is not the end of the world, you become free. Failure is just a stepping stone to success. And most of our fears are fear of failure, shame, or somehow not living up to the standards society has put up for us.

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