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#JahilPMModi becomes the latest top trend on Twitter
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#JahilPMModi becomes the latest top trend on Twitter

Once again, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gotten himself in hot waters. It seems that the criticism and rebuke he had for former PM Manmohan Singh didn’t go quite well with the Indian public, which has now started criticizing him for leveling allegations against their previous PM. This time around PM Modi has turned himself into a joke with #JahilPMModi.

Owing to the reason, Jahil PM Modi became the latest trend on Twitter with Indians demanding Modi to apologize and explain his stance on the corruption accusations against Manmohan Singh.

Have a look at the tweets, which are leaving no chance to bash the Indian PM:

And this guy even went on to write a whole letter asking questions so Mr. Modi can explain that he is not “Jahil.” Mr. Modi you have a chance there, use your brains to satisfy your public and earn some respect.

It seems that the bad time of PM Modi isn’t ending anytime soon, but will stretch a little longer with more efforts to bring it back to normal. Well, Modi you owe some serious explanation to your entire nation. Best of luck for that, because we sense a mob coming your way!

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