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Pakistan cinemas and Film industry under an alarming situation
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Pakistan cinemas and Film industry under an alarming situation

According to sources, it is being heard that exhibitors and cinema owners have decided to go ahead with a down size in the cinema industry. Not only this, but they are deciding to shut down cinema screens, as well. The unfortunate decision is being taken due to the lack of foot fall in the world of Pakistani cinema.

Hundred’s of employees are now on the edge of their media career due to this fall of cinema in Pakistan. Never did one imagine that a boycott in national interest could lead to such a down fall of an industry that was on its way to success.

Where is the cinema of Pakistan heading; are we taking our steps back to where we started five years ago? Building not only the film industry of Pakistan, cinema screens also took a large number once the growth was seen impeccable and unstoppable. But, it seems as though this unstoppable growth might have come to a halt, however, I wish to see the world of cinema sustain its growth and move towards a more better and brighter future in Pakistan.

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