Women thieves caught yet seen roaming again in Dolmen Mall City even after informing security

Women thieves caught yet seen roaming again in Dolmen Mall City even after informing security

Dolmen Mall City is one of the most renown and top notch place for any and every shopaholic in Karachi. It is known for its clean and safe environment, however a recent post on social media has made every shopper think twice before visiting DMC, especially when thinking to shop for Eid.

According to the post, a girl with her friends witnessed a theft in the mall under some brand names, where they had lost their mobile phone and upon investigating there and then, the thieves were found lurking in other stores of the mall.

Once taken under charge, the belongings were returned and the alleged were taken to the police for further procession. However, that didn’t seem to be the end of the story. The girl saw the same women again, this Ramadan, and so made immediate runs to the concerns in order to acknowledge them of the previous incident.

But, to make matters worse, the security concerns were said to be completely ignorant to the acclaimed news instead of taking immediate action for the safety of their customers.

Here’s the story narrated by a friend of the victim:

My only question lies at the point when the security department had been acknowledged, but still didn’t make the efforts of getting into the matter and solve the alleged claim. I mean were they waiting for another incident to happen? Is this why these security departments are made in these high profile areas, with people coming in from all walks of life?

One can only wait for the concerned authorities of Dolmen Mall City to come out with some statement into recalling the matter and briefing their end of the story. Until then, we can only accept that their silence actually proves the story of this girl to be true and on point, which definitely is a question mark to the authorities and the safety of women and children alike at DMC!


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