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"I Strongly Condemn Conspiracies Against Fawad Khan "- Shahrukh Khan
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“I Strongly Condemn Conspiracies Against Fawad Khan”- Shahrukh Khan

A letter by Bollywood Journalist to Fawad Khan made rounds on the web, recently. While, there were people across the border who stand with it, there are many who have strongly criticized the harsh method used to rebuke Fawad.

“Go back to Pakistan, Fawad Khan!”

With reference to the same raging debate between the audience of two countries, a prominent celebrity has come forward to give his opinion. According to the private Indian media channel, King Khan has spoken in the favor of Fawad.

The channel quotes SRK as saying that no one should sling mud on Fawad Khan. “Acting and talent have no boundaries, therefore, Fawad shouldn’t be targeted over political concerns. It isn’t right to point out him or any other celebrity, and I strongly condemn such conspiracies,” Shahrukh stated.

Even though, the letter left Pakistanis deeply unhappy, a statement from someone as big an actor as Shahrukh Khan is totally over-whelming.

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