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Things that prove why AAM Aadmi loves AAM

Mangoes, Mangoes & Mangoes!

Garmiyan agayin or aam bhe! Pakistan k garmio k baray main sirf ek hi cheez achi hai or woh hai “AAM”. Chahe milk shake ho, mango ice cream ya phir mango pulp, you simply can’t say NO to mango! Here are some reasons which prove that why aam admi loves aam so much:

Juiciest and the yummiest!! Yummm

Mango desserts. There are so many flavors even you get confuse which one to make

Nothing can beat the heat than Chilled mango milkshakes

Aam khane ka bhe ek apna hi tareeka hota hai. You can NOT let anyone teach you how to eat a mango

Aam khana ho ya kaatna, dono ka apna hi maza hai

Eating the “guthli” is the best part!

Or uske baad yeh hota hai:

Or jab aam ka season khatam hone wala ho then you keep a stock and freeze them for shakes!

Kyunke aam is love!


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