Finally, Prince Found His Princess.

It feels good when people around you are happy and content with their lives, I still remember how Nouman said, walk in my shoes and judge me if you are judging me. Well, my friend despite of whatever you have gone through in your life, you never knew you were being prepared for the best to have in your life for the rest of your life.

News took over the social media when Nouman Javaid announced his engagement with beautiful Jana Malik on August 30th 2016 and now finally tied knot in Lahore in front of families and close friends.



A heartbreak is a blessing from God, its just his way of letting you know that it wasn’t worth it at all. Leaving all the sorrows and bad memories behind, he thy enters the world of love and happiness. Wishing beautiful and ever charming Jana and the talented hunk Nouman a very happy and successful married life.


FHM Pakistan

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