Find Out How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality

Every person is born with a different personality. But did you know that your birth order plays an important role in building your personality? Yes it does, those who have three to four siblings will agree with me because not every sibling has same personality, likes or dislikes. Although they are born and raised by the same parents but their birth order and parents way of raising them plays a vital role. The order in which you were born does indeed greatly impact your personality. Below you will find the most common characteristics that are held by each birth order.

  • People who are born first:


First child are just born perfect. They have a tendency towards perfectionism. Couples who are new parents spend restlessly in trying to do everything right for their child. Which eventually helps the first born to take it in  way where they can be themselves.

First borns tend to interact well with adults in general when they are kids. However, first borns are overly cautious. They tend to worry. They like to be in control over things. They often think they are more knowledgeable than others. First born are usually high achievers in all areas, professionally, in school and even in appearances. First borns are hard-working and like to excel and accomplish.

Here are the characteristics of First Borns:

Perfectionist, achiever, leader, bossy, responsible, motivated, conscientious, controlling, cautious, reliable

  • Middle children


Middle children are born into families where there is an already reputable personality. There is an older sibling already there welcoming the second. At their birth and growing up, there is already one or more elder siblings around that suppose responsibility. The parents of middle children are typically more relaxed and less nervous in their parenting with middle kids.

Middle children often play off of the behavior of the first born. Unlike first borns, however, middle children usually don’t have a pull towards perfectionism. Instead, middles feel they need to earn their place within the family and seek a way to gain recognition. They are creative in their ways to earn attention. They often feel they don’t get enough attention. They typically have great social skills and make good friends. They are adaptive, creative and versatile.

Characteristics of Middle Children:

Adaptable, independent, go-between, people-pleaser, social, can be rebellious, feels left out, peacemaker

Last child or last born:


The last borns have parents that are very much relaxed in their care and concentration. The last born often receives and enjoys attention in the form of being called cute. They tend to artistically effort to find ways to get attention, including getting the sympathy of others. They are natural charmers.

They are free spirits. They go with the flow. They like adventure. They are more likely to take risks. They are not very concerned with things such as remembering birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Instead, last borns enjoy life as it comes.

Characteristics of Last Borns:

Social, charming, outgoing, uncomplicated, fun, manipulative, seeks attention, self-centered

Now comes the only child:


The only child experiences much of what a first born experiences. They are however supported and intensified throughout their lives with no other children for the parents to divide their attention with. The only child is often very comfortable with adults and older people. The result of this can clear in perfectionism or the need to achieve. They can be very sensitive to criticism. They are very much pampered.

They are used to being the center of attention. They often seek approval, focus on details and have a hard time relaxing. These characteristics sometimes interfere with personal happiness in life; even though they are often obtain great rewards professionally.

Characteristics of Only Children:

Confident, conscientious, responsible, perfectionist, center of attention, seek approval, sensitive, mature for their age, leader


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