Fire Breaks Out on New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

A picture taken on December 31, 2015 shows people watching the Address Downtown hotel burning after huge fire ripped through the luxury hotel near the world’s tallest tower, in Dubai. People were gathering to watch New Year’s Eve celebrations when the hotel caught on fire without causing casualties, according to authorities. AFP PHOTO / KARIM SAHIBKARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images


Everyone was excited about New Year, similarly Dubai’s firework display was set to begin but unfortunately fire engulfed a luxury building near the Burj Khalifa. The blaze started outside the 20th floor. Just 15 minutes before midnight large explosion was heard from the burning building. It was not clear what caused the blast. Flames laced the side of the building. The firework display was soon ended after midnight.




The smoke was rising from the Address Hotel in the morning aswell. U.S. officials do not yet know what caused the blaze.


There was one photographer who went inside the building, he had been on a balcony planning to take pictures of the fireworks, as the fire erupted. He grabbed the cable which was attached to a window-cleaning platform and hooked it to his belt. Civil Defence workers arrived after half an hour for his rescue.


“When I saw lights and heard the sounds of footsteps at the floor I was in, I started tapping on the aluminium to get their attention,” he told AFP.

“I think I was the only person left stuck that long,” he said. He was led to safety. “The rope was my saviour”.



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