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Things that you should do in summers to keep your skin beautiful!

If you take your skin for granted specially in summers it will effect your appearance by giving you pimples and sun tan. Here are few tips that can give you flawless skin in summers.

Cleanse Everyday 

Take out some time before going to bed and massage your skin with a cleanser everyday. This will keep your skin clean of all the dirt particles and make you look fresh.

Choose appropriate moisturizer for summer 

Choose a light weight moisturizer for summers that will not block the pores of your skin and woke make your skin sweat.

Keep your skin fresh all day 

Its quite obvious that in summer your skin shows you tantrums and its annoying when you are continuously powdering your face to look bearable. Its better that you use conditioning mist to reboot your skin.It minimize the appearance of pores and regulate your oil production.

Keep using Sun block creams

Make sure that you use a sunblock of a good quality that suits your skin and prevents it properly.

Protect your lips 

Keep your lips moisturized as they look horrible when cracked with dryness.


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