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What your pooch is trying to tell you! – PART 1

Dogs do not see the world in the same way that we do. While this is the case, they do rely on their body language for communication. Read part 1 of this informative piece to see the way they reveal their moods and sentiments through their actions and behavior! Some of these will positively shock you.

  • On Hind Legs

There are numerous potential connotations to when a dog stands up on its hind legs. It is likely, just a show of affection. Just like humans, they want to hug on occasion, however, it can show playfulness when they are around other dogs. As long as they are not acting aggressively or growling, they are perhaps only playing.

  • Munching Furniture

Pups also like to chew on different things when they are teething. Though, it could mean something else when they are no longer puppies. This does not mean they are bad dogs, though. There is a good chance that they are just not getting the bodily activity they need. A good way to remedy this is to take them out for a walk. If your dog ever starts chewing on the furniture, it is time to give them exercise.

  • Barking

There are numerous reasons dogs bark. If it is brash and recurrent, it might be something pressing. Perhaps they sense peril and want to let you know. Shorter and laxer barks, meanwhile, mean that they want to play. Loud barking can also mean that they are in discomfort. Make sure to pay attention to figure it out!

  • Bringing You Toys

Do not assume that your dog wants to play merely if they have a toy in their mouth. One notion says that they want to satisfy you this way. They consider you the alpha and want your admiration. Another theory claims that this is their means of showing that they trust you. He has so much confidence in you that he brings you such a treasured object. Of course, it might also mean that he loves you so much that he wants you to enjoy his cherished possession. You might hurt his feelings if you toss the toy away after this!

  • Yawning

Humans tend to yawn when they are uninterested or weary. However, dogs do this when they feel safe and protected. For them, it is a sign of submission. If you see a dog yawning 15 times, it means they feel comfortable. However, it can also be a sign of tension or anticipation. When a dog is in the vet’s office, several yawns might mean that they are anxious. When they do this before a walk, it can be a way to keep their eagerness in check as well. Like humans, they also do it to show how worn-out they are. If a dog yawns in public, they might be exhausted and hoping for an afternoon nap. Make sure to be on the lookout for this behavior when you notice that your dog is doing this a lot while in an unfamiliar place.

  • Wiggle Wiggle

Don’t you just adore when your dog gets a good jiggle, kicks up their legs, and wiggle on their back? We cannot think of an image that makes us any happier. There are times when the dog does it to scratch an itch, but it is conceivable that they only want to get a response from you. Take the time to shower them with affection!

  • The Face That Makes You Guilty

We bet you feel guilt-ridden about leaving your pet home when you head to work. Some even employ doggy day cares to minimize their guilt over it! When your dog makes that gloomy face, you will recognize why this is the case. Sometimes, they will wear a composed face, but your dog knows that you will be back soon enough! That face is a sign of confidence, not gloom.

  • Pacing

Your dog might be pacing because they feel edgy, eager, or bored. They like to pace around the area for the same reasons we do! When they are walking in circles, they likely want to play with you. This is how dogs chase each other when they meet. Yes, it is a sign of playfulness!



  • Pointing Their Snout

Have you ever seen a dog halt and prod its snout toward something? They might also lift a front paw. This is typical of hunting breeds, but just about all dog do it. Dr. Ellen Vindell said,
“Dogs are just dogs, and there are certain behaviors that probably any dog that’s a dog can do…. You’ll see a sporting dog who circles like a herding dog, and you’ll get some herding dogs who point.”

  • Head Tilting

People tend to talk in a higher pitch when addressing a dog. Dogs might tip their head to the side, when you do this as if they are trying to comprehend what you are saying. Dogs are great at interpreting as well as responding to vocal signals and body language. They take everything in from reprimands to commands. They can identify certain words, so perhaps they are waiting for those associated with strolls and treats! A theory says they move their heads like that to adjust the outer ears for a better grasp on what they are hearing.


Stay on the lookout for part 2 of what your fur-baby is trying to tell you! There’s a lot more to it than just these few.. BELIEVE ME!

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