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What makes people with dimples so special? Let’s find out…

Dimples are considered one of the most mesmerizing and attractive ‘physical’ adornment of the body. Let’s just face this that people who have that curve on their face look more cute and appealing while smiling. But, what makes dimples so special?

While the video shows that only 20 per cent of the world population is lucky to have that dent on their face, having dimples is actually a deformity. Well, we can’t quite grasp this because who would actually call them a deformity. Duh!

Furthermore, it has been stated that people who have dimples are prone to become popular and more known among the masses. They become talk of the town wherever they go, you know we are just so special! They tend to live their life to the fullest and are reliable and more sympathizing than others out there.

So, the next time you decide to just get flattered by our pretty face, believe that we have beautiful hearts too. *winks* *winks*

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