Five bogus beauty rules you need to break

Five bogus beauty rules you need to break

Beauty tips can be confusing, and a little daunting, with new micro trends seeming to emerge each week.

While trends are constantly evolving and changing, there is one thing we can’t be sure of when it comes to beauty.

Here are 5 beauty rules that are meant to be broken.

Rules to break

Use oil free products if you have oily skin.

A little experimentation might be necessary to find your beauty-oil soulmate.

Choose a concealer one tone lighter than your actual skin color

The notion that a lighter concealer could brighten up your eyes and your complexion seems to make sense in theory, but instead, this hack tends to create ashy-looking spots.

Dark lipstick is aging

Searching for the perfect chocolate shade was a personal mission back in the day, and yes, part of the goal was to look older, but it doesn’t have to be so high-key either.

Don’t sleep with wet hair

To pull off the best kind of bedhead, work some leave-in conditioner into just-washed, combed hair, running fingers through to create volume

Don’t match your lipstick to your eye shadow

Why not? There is no good reason!

My point is, when it comes to beauty, you shouldn’t be afraid to think out of the box.


Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy,

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