FPW S/S ’16 – Day 1 Highlights


Fashion Pakistan Week S/S’16 ultimately kicked off with amazing energy and vibe in the venue as House full guest presence proved that this is indeed the biggest and the most happening event of 2016 so far. Day 1 line-up was artistic, vintage and very summery. From Deepak Perwani to Gulabo all the designers didn’t fail to impress but, hits and misses are part of the game.

Starting off with Deepak’s #Fixit collection, alluring amalgamation of pastels with neon colours, digital prints and sleek cuts gave the show an amazing kickstart. Models perfectly walked down the ramp and showcased their collection. Crowd cheered and applaud more when Sarwat Gillani and Sikander Rizvi walked down the ramp for Deepak Perwani as their showstoppers! It’s a hit for me after all because of the enticing prints and colours, totally wear-able for this season anywhere anytime.

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Next was Wardha Saleem, our Sparrow Queen with her London collection, which was all about neons with floral and geometric prints and dapper cuts. Complete retro look was created with appealing props and accessories. Making those ankle boots wear-able in Spring/Summer which won my heart. She is one designers who always leaves an impact on my mind about beautiful nature and sparrows. Definitely a hit!

IMG_1581IMG_1587IMG_1592 IMG_1596IMG_1598IMG_1602 IMG_1611IMG_1613IMG_1622 IMG_1624IMG_1625IMG_1628 IMG_1630IMG_1632IMG_1635 IMG_1639IMG_1648IMG_1653

From textile brands I generally don’t really expect much but, Lala Textiles purely stole the show with warm pastels, beautiful embroidery with eastern and western cuts. It’s like going in a party or any formal family gathering, Lala’s collection has it all. Aiza Khan being a showstopper for Lala made this evening even more beautiful.


The fourth act of the evening was Bank Alfalah’s Rising Talent ; Shahnzah, Urima, Uzair & Rida showing their capabilities and creativity, these people created an amazing gothic ambiance through their collections. Urmia showcased a Black & White collection, which didn’t make an impact on me as such but remained successful in creating the look of fictional stylish witches through the gowns and hood capes. Shahnzah created an elegant collection comprising of black and white lines, cuts and patterns suitable for fancy get togethers and parties.

IMG_1715IMG_1716IMG_1721  IMG_1725IMG_1738IMG_1747IMG_1744IMG_1751IMG_1743

Commendable collection was created by Nida Sohail who took goth to another level by creating bold look of black and gold altogether. Seems like her ying-yang turned gold and black from white and black for good. But, all my cheering and interest goes out to Uzair Sardar who took creativity to next level, creating master pieces through safety pins, recycled bottle cap and cages.  Fia looked ah-mazing in a massive trail dress created with safety pins, Cybil as usual rocked the ramp but this time as a gothic cage queen and Farwah Kazmi made a beautiful princess of some metal-land with that perfectly assembled recycled bottle caps cape. Hats off to the designers and best wishes for making their mark in Fashion Pakistan Week.

IMG_1758IMG_1762IMG_1763 IMG_1766IMG_1775IMG_1778 IMG_1779IMG_1799

To brighten up the ambiance, Kayseria showcased their Royal Delhi collection which straight away goes to my miss list. Tried so hard to create the vintage look but didn’t convince me much. Some of the pieces were beautiful and elegant but some reminded me of my nani and dadi’s wedding dresses, but somehow all the models saved the day. Sorry Kayseria, I know you can do better than this next time.


The show went further and FP Trend Show started off with Maheen Karim’s collection which was all about being tropical, colourful and fun. Obaid Sheikh’s vibrant collection took eastern men’s wear to another level with all the colours and turban. Where as his western dresses left an extra ordinary impact on my mind due to the colours. An unexpected entry was made my Delphi by Nida Tapal showcasing her Casual Resort collection based on the warm pastels and hand embellished pearls. Sanam Chaudhri’s collection was sleek, stylish and contemporary with abstract and fun designs.

IMG_1830IMG_1831IMG_1833 IMG_1834IMG_1835IMG_1836  IMG_1838IMG_1840IMG_1841IMG_1842IMG_1844IMG_1845 IMG_1853IMG_1848IMG_1855IMG_1846

Final act of the day was Gulabo with its dapper #IAmKarachi collection. It was quite a rebel act that was  going on with the colours, prints and the presentation. Every single model flaunt the collection in an exquisite manner. Super hit for me as Maheen Khan is and will always remain one of my favourite. Aunty Maheen! Thank you so much for introduction the dark lippie and peshawari sandal trend through Gulabo!

IMG_1870IMG_1873IMG_1874 IMG_1875IMG_1876IMG_1877 IMG_1878IMG_1879IMG_1880 IMG_1881IMG_1882IMG_1883 IMG_1884IMG_1889 IMG_1892IMG_1895IMG_1901IMG_1888IMG_1899 IMG_1902

That’s all folks… but just for now! Fashion week hasn’t end and there is much more to witness this weekend. Good luck to all the designers showcasing their collection tonight. Much Love!

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