FPW S/S’16 – Day 2 Highlights


Playing with colours, cuts, fabric and embellishments in an artistic way wins every fashionistas heart. FPW’16  Day 2 was about two styles; either go basic or go super trendy.

Zaheer Abbas started off the show with his collection titled “Basic”, showcasing his artistry by creating a style statement with pure cotton – which is a must have this season for everyone. Trendy accessories and manbun hairdo made this collection rocked the ramp. From basic shirts till a shirt jumpsuit made us realize that white never looked so chick and sexy before. But I must say chicken making an appearance on the ramp did made me wonder, whyyy? But then, Humaima Mallick saved the day, with that confidence and attitude on the ramp made us all wow over her. The collection has my 10/10 for making basic look super-hot!


Jafferjees celebrating its legacy of 135 years brought back that ‘Oh so Vintage’ feel back  in collaboration with Wardha Saleem & Nubain Ali. Their collection featured an assortment of travel bags, ladies handbags and men’s briefcases telling stories time of the old and gold days back date. The collection showcased in a vintage manner made me want to go back in time and  travel, dressed-up in a sophisticated manner. There goes another 10/10 from my side.

IMG_4730IMG_4737IMG_4747 IMG_4752IMG_4756IMG_4786IMG_4759IMG_4794IMG_4796 IMG_4789

Next was Gul Ahmed with their collection bringing the ardour of strikingly bright colours depicting the spring/summer feel. Trendy eastern wear with modern cuts made this collection look exquisite along with the significant detailing with the variety of colour schemes. Flowy soft kaftans is definitely a hit in this summer. God, this also got my 10/10, the competition was certainly tough.

IMG_5141IMG_5326IMG_5150IMG_5340 IMG_5342IMG_5348IMG_5358IMG_5359

Amir Adnan – famous for his creativity in men’s wear, showcased his collection Escape, inspired by the city life, street wear and the bold rebellious attitude of the boys. The collection failed to amaze me this time, maybe because I felt that I am watching Sindbad or Prince of Persia kind of a movie. Could have done so much better but, again the showstopper Azfar Rahman saved the day by grabbing all the possible attention. With a sad heart I give 7/10 to the escape collection.


Huma Adnan – The lady who has always inspired  me with her designs and ideas, got my attention with her collection inspired by Organic Modernity. Every single design grabbed my attention but the showstopper dress with hood cape is certainly not a good idea for summers. 8/10 for the creativity and touching the hearts of fashionistas.

IMG_2385IMG_24082a903f4e7c80a676a17c6330895422a95d072fa69ddc195a6210b54c285158439ded62331d557a8e2f247ac8501b4161 IMG_2409IMG_2415IMG_2427IMG_2421IMG_2444IMG_2445IMG_2446IMG_2439

Nauman Arfeen stole the show! Such fantabulous presentation of his collection Carpe Diem made every single person sitting in a crowd applauding and cheering throughout the act. As his collection is about the freedom from past and future, cute little kids to hot men brigade including Shehzad Noor & Hasnain Lehri to men like Amin Gulgee and Tofiq Pasha, the collection and the presentation stole the show. Showcasing the palette of bright red and cerulean, signifies zest for life. 11/10 for the collection along with the men brigade and wings.


Beautiful collection entitled Moon Struck by Zainab Salman showcased her luxury-pret collection which was inspired by a mid summer night’s dream. Enticing pastel colours and Swarovski and pearl embellishment incorporated with embroidery and prints made every single piece of this collection stands out right. Perfect 10/10 for every single detail!

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Closing act of the show always has to be mind-blowing, AFH knew how to amaze the audience with her collection “Oriental Blossom”. Every single piece and every single design with the combination of east and west along with perfect cuts and luxurious fabric created a statement for femininity and elegance. Perfect ending for Day 2 with 10/10.

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Glad to see designers getting full points for their collections, hoping to see something extraordinary on Day 3.

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