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Front fighters during COVID-19 Pandemic in fear of being jobless

Over 1,200 doctors and nursing staff was hired on contractual basis to handle emergency cases during coronavirus last year. However, the provincial government has decided against renewing their contracts due to a considerable decline in the COVID-19 cases across the country, including Sindh.

These are the front fighters who saved hundreds of lives during the pandemic, working day and night without worrying about their own health. They kept their profession before family and today these angles are on the verge of being jobless.

Having said that we can’t blame the government as they were all hired in contractual basis and knew that the contract would expire and is subjective to renewal. Yearly contracts are normal all around the globe and a very common practice.

As the Covid cases go down so does the need for extra staff and space. I salute all the doctors and front fighters who have fought day and night to save lives.

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