Does gender discrimination still exist? Of course it does!

Does gender discrimination still exist? Of course it does!

                                                    BY: AIMAN NASEER

                                Mass Communication, University of Karachi

Don’t you think that gender inequality still exists? Just ask this question to women who are still facing gender bias in 21st century, when all you hear everywhere is how women are being empowered.

While the world might be trying to break these shackles for women, Gender discrimination is one of the major problems of Pakistan among terrorism, poverty and intolerance. Many women are suffering from inhumane treatment by the feeble minded people of our society. We have almost forgotten that women, who make up almost 50% of the world’s population (for every 107 males born there are 100 females born), also play a major role in gender definitions in societies.

Islam teaches us to respect women, but unfortunately everyday 9/10 females are being harassed and beaten by atrocious men, which clearly reeks male dominance and supremacy but the fact is that;

 “No society can function properly without women”.

It is still incomprehensible and totally unbelievable that women are stripped of their rights and dignity. In remote areas of Pakistan, women are kept away from education and don’t have access to schools and colleges. These uneducated women usually become easy victims of honor killings, rape, early marriages and gender discrimination. Such cases prove that this male-driven society revolves around gender stereotypes, strongly claiming that men are superior.

On the other hand, it is not just about the uneducated class or mainstream stereotyping, but the parents also discriminate between a son and daughter on the very aspect of education. Every woman has the right to complete her education, but in our society some people have an extreme narrow mindset:

“What will a girl do after getting high education? She has to get married and raise family, only, one day!

From the above discussion, gender inequality is obviously an urgent problem persisting around in the world. Despite the fact that its volume has decreased by large numbers, it still exists and has rooted the very basis and foundations of the societies around the world. No country or nation can progress until and unless its men and women work side by side in harmony; be it house chores or driving the economy of their country.

Now it’s time for the people of our country together, to make this out-dated conception fade away. However, with education and progressive thoughts, there are various reasons to not only trust but work for the future of gender equality. Then, hopefully people can live in fairness no matter what gender they belong to. We hope that a day will dawn when we will be able to see the progression and development based on gender peace throughout the world. Till then, let’s all strive to make this happen.


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