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Mahira khan reply to meera

Mahira Khan is looking for a PR team after controversies with Meera!

It seems like our celebrities are taking comments on social media a bit too seriously, just like Feroze Khan spoke up against the controversy, which included some serious swear words, with his co-star Aisha Rao khan and Mahira Khan’s previous reply to a follower on her instagram post. This seems like a never ending web!

Now this time, after being criticized by the senior Actress Meera, a newspaper misquoted Mahira and published her fake reply. According to the newspaper, Mahira said,

“Veteran actresses should concentrate on their work only as there is no comparison; I have worked hard to achieve this position by my skills and not by showing any vulgarity like them.”

Mahira took to twitter to respond on this controversial issue; here’s how she reacted:

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