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Michelle Obama turned down role in popular TV series

Michelle Obama turned down role in a popular TV series

Michelle Obama, the US first lady, is known for her versatile personality and multi-talented persona. However, we would never have guessed that this lawyer cum writer would be offered a role in one of the most popular animated TV series of the world, “The Simpsons”.

But, if the team behind The Simpsons thought that it would be easy to bag her, than they were wrong. The first lady has turned down a role in the Fox’s series but with a funny note.

The Simpsons co-creator James L Brooks has revealed that they tried to convince Mrs. Obama once to play herself in an episode. However, when asked about her acceptance and reply; Brooks told that she turned down the offer with two words only. Let’s not forget that ‘The Simpsons’ is one of her favorite programs.

Michelle Obama in her reply said: “good try”. Hah! What a harsh yet hilarious response. Nonetheless, the show makers think that they were aggressive in their approach. Its unfortunate that we wouldn’t hear her voice in our favorite show.

Better luck next time, Brooks!


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