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Sonali Bendre reveals why she ‘Panicked’ after her chemotherapy sessions!

Actress Sonali Bendre, who is battling cancer in New York, is keeping her book club up and running. Sonali recently took to Instagram to catch us up with her recent read, the actress announced the next book that will be discussed on her next book club session.However, she also opened about the difficulties she had to face while reading a book in between her chemotherapy sessions and why she ‘panicked.’ “Time to announce the next book! The last one took a while, as my eyesight was doing strange things due to the chemo and I couldn’t read for a while. Was panicking a bit, but now all is well again”, she added.

A Little Life by @hanyayanagihara is Sonali next read. It’s been nominated for so many literary awards and is a story of friendship and ambition. We’ve read books with female friendships before, but this is our first one on friendship among boys… Should be interesting. Can’t wait to start reading it, and I hope you read it with me too. See the post here.


Isn’t it just so inspiring! Earlier, she had shared her new look, with a new wig and had tweeted, “Sometimes, in the most unlikely of circumstances, you meet the most amazing people… someone who meets you as a stranger but very quickly becomes a friend. One such person is #bokheehair, genius hairstylist and wigmaker… #SwitchOnTheSunshine ???”

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