Beauty and the Beast breaks all box office records

Beauty and the Beast breaks all box office records

Disney’s live action movie “Beauty and the Beast” has triumphed the box office. The movie has broken many box office records in its opening weekend.

It has earned over 170-180 million US dollars approximately, which is way beyond the expectations of everyone. The film has also broken the record of highest opening of march in North America, previously held by “Batman vs Superman” which earned 166 million.

The movie Beauty and the Beast which is the remake of the 1991 classic animated movie with the same name has recorded the seventh best opening overall in the United States and Canada. The movie had sold out at more than 1,000 showtimes in big cities and small, something more common for superhero blockbusters than for a musical.

Beauty and the Beast swept aside the previous North American box-office leader, Kong: Skull Island; whose second week earnings are not roughly half of the Beauty and the Beast’s opening weekend earnings.

The movie has already replicated the songs and music of the 1991 classic animated movie including the most expensive song ever made, featuring Emma Watson as a charming Belle to the frightening Beast played by Dan Stevens. Luke Evans , Sir Ian Mckellen and Emma Thompson will also be seen in pivotal roles.



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