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Urwa clarifies her recent statement about depression

Urwa Hocane has finally spoken about being misunderstood and struggling with depression for the past couple of years, after making a false statement about depression on a morning show earlier this week alongside her sister, Mawra Hocane,

The actor started off her note saying that she has decided she would never openly announce her struggles with mental health and because she’s aware that the process of recovery it perpetual, she would “never ever be insensitive to its existence and causes”, adding “I find it hard to say more than this because of the extensive scrutiny on every word I’ll now utter but I will be brave.”

She continued: “I emphasised on the “right food” because it has been an integral part of my healing process, helped me survive and recover. of course along with the love and support of the people around me. The implication that “processed food is the “only” cause of depression“ was not at all our intention but to bring attention to the vital role food plays.

I was misunderstood despite my good intention. I have never been great at explaining my feelings in words and I do realise that therefore I keep away from interviews as much as I can.”

She went on to share that although she’s no expert on mental health, she will “always try to offer as much as I know if it can even help a single soul”.

“I only hope that what we are put through post-interview doesn’t discourage the people in position from speaking about what matters to the best of their knowledge in future. Lastly, let us be humans with our imperfections, flaws and mistakes. Don’t put us on pedestals so high that we are unable to touch each other’s hearts. Let’s try be more kind and more tolerant as a society.”

She has a point; while celebrities must be called out on problematic statements, we shouldn’t be so quick to “cancel” people.

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