Home Decor tips to make your living space minimal, yet so classy!


How to Keep Your Home Minimal, Yet So Classy!

Here are some tips that I would offer to anyone trying to shoot for minimalism:
Paint the walls, ceiling and trim one color to hide imperfections. Some people hang all kinds of stuff on their walls. No can do in a minimalist home.

Mix traditional and modern periods.

Including some items that feel like they fit the period of the home (even if a design historian might disagree) as well as some modern pieces helps tie the vintage air of a home to everyday life.

Start with furniture.

The biggest things in any room are the furniture, so you should always begin simplifying a room by looking at the furniture. The fewer pieces of furniture, the better (within reason, of course).

Only the essentials.

Whether looking at your furniture or anything else in the room, ask yourself if the item is truly essential.


Clear floors.

Except for the furniture, your floors should be completely clear. Nothing should clutter the floor, nothing should be stacked, nothing should be stored on the floor.


Store stuff out of sight.

This has been mentioned in the above tips, but you should store everything you need out of sight, in drawers and cabinets.


Simple decoration and artwork.

To keep a room from being boring, you can put a simple painting, drawing or photo, framed with a subdued, solid color, on each wall if you want. Leave some walls bare if possible.

Plain window treatments.

Bare windows, or simple, solid colored curtains, or simple, wooden blinds are good.

Subdued colors.

you can have a splash of bright color in the room, but most of the room should be more subtle colors – white is classic minimalist, but really any solid colors that don’t stress the eyes is good (earth colors come to mind, such as blues, browns, tans, greens).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Once you’ve simplified a room, take a moment to look around and enjoy it. It’s so peaceful and satisfying. This is the reward for your hard work. Ahhhh. So nice!


Isra Shams

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