How to overcome ERP troubles?

ERP software reviews compare the implementation and the resultant effect of ERP to developing another new company itself because the aim is to introduce drastic changes in the entire environment. The changes are not minor but extremely severe. In that context there are so many troubles in ERP and they should be solved as and when identified failing which there will be a decline in ERP’s functioning.


Some of the common troubles and their solution include the following.

Poor infrastructure and facilities

The first and foremost trouble in ERP could be poor infrastructure and facilities. Poor does not only means low standards but also includes those facilities that are either ill-equipped nor up to the professional standards demanded for ERP. When this happens to be the trouble an analysis has to be made right from the implementation process in order to check validity and ensure quality. These do not necessarily speak on the future of ERP or its intervention in the company because they are capable of being solved through system manipulation in most cases. Otherwise some maneuvers have to be done to confirm the suitable of the operations and make it user friendly. ERP architecture of failed ERP systems has to be analyzed in this context.

Mistakes in installation and implementation process

These problems occur when an ERP consultant is not given the required liberty and freedom to make his own decisions. The management always tries to thrust their way of getting things done and turn deaf to the expert advice given by the ERP vendor and consultant. When they realize it during the flaws in the regular course of business it becomes too late. The companies can make use of ERP software reviews for this purpose so as to avoid failed ERP systems.

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Lack of proper usage

At many a times it is found that ERP does not serve the purpose for which it is implemented in the sense the old procedures continue uninterrupted while ERP is made to do its assigned tasks. In this case ERP does not add any values to the process.This basically show that the induction and orientation done for change management is not up to the required extent. Attitudinal change could be the solution to this issue because people are either reluctant to accept change or tend to accept it for the heck of it. In fact it would be harsh to force people to accept change but if nothing else works out that has to be the only alternative. ERP architecture has to be constructed only after this process. The case histories of failed ERP systems have to be studied.

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Not making out the maximum benefits

This trouble sound very simple but it is not so. While the earlier one talks about not using it at all or using it defectively and gaining lesser benefits this discussion is about using it but not using it to attain excellence. ERP has to be put to use in a full fledged manner. If it is used as a toll to overcome issues like departmental inconvenience and without keeping the organizational goals in mind then there is no point in bringing ERP.ERP should be used with a long term objective in mind and not as a medium to solve minor hitches. The business process must akin to ERP operations without which there cannot be justification of its use. Frequently referring ERP software reviews will also help to a considerable extent.

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