Humaima Malick will give you beauty goals

Beauty Vanity - Humaima Malick

FHM: What kind of makeup do you prefer while going for shoots or any event etc?
HM: I like no makeup look. I prefer to wear very less makeup and the good part is that, my skin is really good so I don’t need a lot of makeup. I love putting Mascara and kajal and I never use fake lashes.

FHM: Your current favorite lipstick?
HM: My current and always been favorite lipstick is, Channel Red.

Beauty Vanity - Humaima Malick

FHM: Your favorite face wash?
HM: Mc Clear.

FHM: Favorite hair care product? How do you usually prefer your hair?
HM: KerastaseL’oreal or Kiehl’s Natural Shampoos.

Beauty Vanity - Humaima Malick

FHM: Any cosmetic surgery?
HM: Hmm… I want to wake up tomorrow in LA after a surgery, and I want to look like AishwariyaRai or somebody who is extremely beautiful. But I believe that I am blessed with the perfect features, so no surgery needed and no surgeries are going to happen on my face, ever!

FHM: Tips for healthy glowing skin?
HM: I eat Coconut. Just don’t put too many creams and don’t go for facials. That’s how it works for me.

Beauty Vanity - Humaima Malick

FHM: Have you ever experimented on your hair and completely regretted?
HM: I’ve been a brand ambassador for a hair care product for six years, so a lot of has happened to my hair that I’ve always regretted. Also, I’ve started coloring my hair from last year, so I do regret sometimes that I changed my natural hair color.

FHM: Vegetables or fruits? What you prefer more.
HM: Just a few vegetables but, fruits definitely.

Beauty Vanity - Humaima Malick


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