This Indian celebrity claims that Pakistan was responsible for her marriage

This Indian celebrity claims that Pakistan was responsible for her marriage

In her recent conversation with BBC Radio Urdu’s Fifi Haroon, Pooja Bhatt talked about various topics including Pakistan being the reason behind her happy and successfully marriage.

Bhatt, as already known to many, is extremely fond of Pakistan and has some great friends here. Not only friendship, but the ace director fly to visit them from time to time.

Starting her conversation, she claimed that her biggest achievement to date was being the mastermind of first Indian film to be premiered in Pakistan, which led her to receive a certificate from Limca Book of Records. This is when she visited Pakistan for the very first time.

Other than reminiscing her first visit to the country, Pooja Bhatt also depicted her fondness for Ali Azmat and how much she loves playing with his young daughter. It is due to this friendship, she claims, that she married Manish Makhija who was a friend of Ali Azmat.

Meeting Makhija for the first time, she bought two of his songs Garaj Baras and Man Ki Lagan and just within two months the duo got married.

Well, its happy to hear an Indian speaking so highly of Pakistan and people associated with it. It is due to these celebrities like Pooja Bhatt that the friendship between artistes of both countries keep on blooming.


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