Intelligent people are less social. Here’s why!

Intelligent people are less social. Here's why. . .

Are you one of those people who dream to leave alone and enjoy solitude? This definitely means that you must be one of those people who do not socialize much and are commonly perceived as introverts. So if you hide whenever some guests comes to your house or just the prospect of meeting someone cringes you – Welcome to the Club. I can totally understand the pain you might be going through.

But if people keep telling you that you are extremely anti-social and should rethink your ways. GOOD NEWS! This is a sign that you are a genius and not an introvert.

According To An NCBI Study:

“People Who Are Highly Intelligent Tend To Associate With Fewer People And Seek Out Social Interaction Less Frequently. Interestingly, Their Life Satisfaction Increases When They Choose To Live By This Strategy.”

Moreover, researches have also proved that people who go by the strategy of “hermit in the woods,” and like to live alone are the ones who are the most intelligent and tend to have a better thinking capacity than people who socialize a lot.

In rather more simpler words, that geek who says they have better things to do than hang out with friends is actually on to something.

To further strengthen it a bit, the studies have suggested that the most highly intelligent of human beings may be evolving past the need for very frequent social interaction.

So, the next time you choose to hide underneath your sheets instead of opting for the party at friend’s place, chill because you are definitely above this hype with brains more than anyone.


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