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Changing the world of fashion through camera - Umair Bin Nisar

Changing the world of fashion through camera – Umair Bin Nisar

FHM: What made you choose photography? Why not become a model?
Nobody wants to be a low profile model so I rather prefer doing something in which I am good at rather than doing something which I know i can’t make it do the best. 

FHM: How did you develop an interest in photography?
My father is an artist so I think it’s in the genes. I wanted to do something in arts from the very first day because straight nine to five hours job is not my piece of cake and talking about photography, it came to me naturally.

FHM: What was the first click of your profession? Are you choosy when it comes to model? Is there any model you wish to work with?
I believe I was lucky enough as my first shoot/click made it to the billboard. It was a campaign whose model was Ayyan. I work with all the models so I wouldn’t prefer taking one name. Each one of them is good as far they are dedicated to their work. I wish to work with Rabia Butt as I have never worked with her.

Changing the world of fashion through camera - Umair Bin Nisar

FHM: How many males’ models you have worked with?
I usually worked with female model but as far I remember I have work with just two male that is Omar Shehzad as he is a good friend of mine other than that I have worked with AsifRehman.

FHM: Any campaign you always wish to do or have never done locally or internationally?
There is a lot of work out there which I would love to do that I haven’t done. Working with an international team was a great experience; I was the youngest person to work in the team. The best thing about working internationally is you get to learn new things. I personally believe the best thing of working with different people is their punctuality. They don’t believe on being a famous figure or anything when it comes to punctuality and work. There is no attitude once you are on the same floor and that is the best part and that’s what I have learned from them.

FHM: You recently got nominated in Lux style awards. What’s your say in it?
I was fortunate enough to get nominated in that category of rising star. I was the only one who was nominated from Karachi so I believe it was a good opportunity and I appreciate whosoever won it.

Changing the world of fashion through camera - Umair Bin Nisar

FHM: What’s your medium of Photography?
In order to achieve something in life you need to start from somewhere. When it comes to photography everyone starts by taking pictures of buildings and all but eventually you grow and make it better.  When it comes to art the more you will practice the more you will be good at it.

I have done from all sort of photography; I have cover weddings done, I have done fashion, I have done commercials. I personally like fashion. The best part about fashion is you can experiment as much as you want you are on your own whereas commercially you are very restricted you have to listen to your clients and the requirements. I personally like shooting western clothes.

FHM: If somebody asks you not to pursue your career but some other medium, where would you go?
UBN: I would love to be a filmmaker. Before started doing photography film making is what I always wanted to do. At that time there were no such schools teaching videography/film making or bachelors in film making later they started with these programs and all. Being a photographer I do plan on doing videography but not that very moment maybe some year or later.

Changing the world of fashion through camera - Umair Bin Nisar

FHM: Do you teach photography or you are a student yourself? Any plans of studying photography further?
UBN: I am a student myself when I will have enough knowledge and experience then for sure but not now. I have been Turkey, Thailand quite few times. I will go to America soon so I might to do some winter collection. I am not sure though it’s just a plan.

FHM: Have you ever had to hear any gossip or story about you? Any challenges you have faces in life?
UBN: Fashion world is all about gossips so yeah have heard great stories about my own self. There is no such harm listening about them. It’s always fun to listen about your own self. Definitely, when you have to start on your own and you don’t know anyone in the industry who is from your family and I am one of them. Yes of course it’s difficult but you have to be determined in what you doing and you have to be very hard working if you want to make your name, nothing comes easy in life.


FHM: Who is your inspiration when it comes to photography?
GudduShani, definitely. I have grown up seeing their work they are versatile.

FHM: Why do you enjoy more? Campaigns or shoots?
I have a creative team we always work together. I have three pretty girls who work for me we all sit together and work and come with a solution. So yeah it’s a team work not just my own thing.

FHM: Any message you like to give to our readers?
Never think that you know photography.

 Rapid Fire

FHM: Favourite male model?
Omar Shahzad

FHM: First Camera?
UBN: FAT Nikon

FHM: Three things you like about photography?
Travelling, meeting people and making people look beautiful

FHM: One thing you can’t travel without?
UBN: My camera

FHM: Places you wish to shoot throughout the world?
UBN: Greece

FHM: Describe yourself in three words?
UBN: Passionate.Determined. Funny

FHM: Movie or sports?
UBN: Sports

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