Is following a trend necessary, or should being yourself and standing out from a crowd matter?

To conform to the norms and follow the regular trend is what most of the people nowadays are adapting which is becoming cliche, yes? But to be different is what stands you out, proves your worth.blank

Humans are social animals, in the world of media, where you can easily find out what is on trend these days by following celebrities and models. We idolize them and consider them as a way of shaping our personality, a way of seeing ourselves as a different person though we are not, and also, a way of turning our desires into wants no matter whether it suits us or if it is beyond our affordability.

It is a psychological factor, many people don’t want to experience the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). They see something trending on social media or in their personal life which they want, and force themselves to join in and be included; be it latest styles, profession, dances, memes, etc.

Let’s discuss a recent trend, “Open Bottle Cap Challenge” which was initiated by Jason Stathom continued by various celebrities and ended by the fans or viewers faking it with another person holding a bottle with a loose cap and the lead is performing an art on the camera. What do we call this? It won’t be wrong to say, in order to taste the people’s attention and fame they performed.

It is rightly said, those who follow their own instincts and value their own skills are the people who find their road to success. Even the celebrities we follow, they convey a strong message of Being Yourself. Don’t confuse yourself with their activities, lifestyle and profession but, understand how they did it. Therefore, be assertive, hear your own gut feeling and find the qualities that are best in you and follow the lead.


Dabeer Ul Haq

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