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Israel starts a floating cinema!

Since the pandemic, cinemas have been completely shut down and the old concept of drive-in cinemas are back! But this doesn’t stop here Israel has come up with the idea of a floating cinema. The floating cinema was launched on Thursday for a test screening at Tel Aviv lake. Many film-goers boarded boats to watch a movie with safe distancing in the open air.

This sail-in cinema provides seating aboard 70 pedal and rowing boats set in the Yarkon Park lane. The boats would be two meters apart to maintain social distancing. Screening of two films will take place every evening during the last week of August. For this pilot event around 200 people attended the movie screening of a family comedy, Paddington 2.

“It was an amazing evening. Great to see cinema corona-style. We had an amazing time. The whole family enjoyed it. Good move Tel Aviv” said a hi-tech worker from Tel Aviv

Pandemic has forced us to think out of the box and create unique entertainment ideas for residents. While coronavirus still exists it is important to keep living and enjoy life or else many will be in depression once this ends!

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