Was Jiah Khan Murdered?

Was Jiah Khan Murdered?

Jiah Khan suicide case has become a part of Indian police investigation files, for about three years now. However, the new revelation has left almost everybody stunned. According to a British forensic expert, Jason James, Ms. Khan’s suicide was staged.

James was hired by Jiah’s mother, who didn’t believe that her daughter could end her life. Rabia Khan would present her case in front of a city session court on Wednesday.

The Ghajini actress was found hanging in her apartment on June 3, 2013.  She was dating Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj Pancholi at that time.

Maharashtra forensic experts had denied all the anti-suicide claims. The experts had said that the injury marks on Jiah’s lower lip were probably the result of “friction with the teeth during the commission of the act [suicide]”. But James has said the injuries “represent either abrasions or bruises”, and are indicative of “blunt force trauma to the mouth region (for example punching or a hand placed over the mouth)”.

The detailed report presented by the foreign expert reveals: “I would have expected any forensic specialist to have insisted on seeing the dupatta. I do not see any realistic possibility of the dupatta creating the patterned injury under the chin. Other causes or objects should have been considered such as a blunt impact from a patterned object, or a ligature made of different material”.

James also questions the credibility of Indian investigators. He imposes that how any possibility, other than suicide, was so easily ruled out.

“I do not believe that the possibility of a staged hanging after death that has been caused previously has been properly considered (e.g. ligature strangulation with some other material and then Nafisa Khan (Jiah) being hung with the dupatta). The marks on the left arm and the lower lip are consistent with assaultive injuries… the marks of ligature and the mark on the chin are not consistent with simple hanging with the dupatta,” he added.

We are sure that there is more to come than this.


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