John Cena proposes girlfriend on live ‘Wrestlemania’

John Cena proposes girlfriend on live 'Wrestlemania'

And just as the two professional wrestlers were at the end of a tag-team match, John Cena decided to get down on one knee and do the completely unexpected…!

John Cena did what one could have never thought of…well at least not in the ring of WRESTLEMANIA! The WWE superstar proposed his fellow wrestler Nikki Bella in the ring right after winning a tag-team fight.

The unexpected and much romantic gesture took place after the couple took down two other fighters in a WrestleMania tag-team challenge.

The duo were celebrating their win against ‘Mizz and Marse’ when Cena got down on one knee and presented his girlfriend with a diamond ring.

“I have been waiting so long to ask you this,” he said as the crowd cheered.

“Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, will you marry me?” he asked, addressing the wrestler by her real name.

And without much ado, the 33-year-old Total Divas star accepted.


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