Johnny Depp: I do not have psychological issues!

Johnny Depp is suing his former management team, TMG, alleging that the group mishandled his funds and allowed him to spend himself to the brink of financial ruin. TMG is counter suing Depp, and as far as we can tell, their strategy is to flood the court with so many humiliating accusations that Depp will be embarrassed into dropping the suit.

In short, the group argues that Depp is the ultimate pampered movie star, and that he brought his financial woes on himself with his absurdly lavish lifestyle. They even went so far as to argue that Depp has a compulsive spending disorder, and that he’s unable to stop himself from making extravagant purchases.

But now, according to The Daily Mail, Depp is firing back and demanding that all claims of “psychological issues” and “compulsive disorders” be stricken from the record.

The court will probably side with him, as it doesn’t appear that he’s ever been diagnosed as a compulsive spender and expert witnesses only carry so much clout.

But the fact that Depp is so insistent on having certain claims stricken from the record could mean that TMG has the upper hand. Depp started all this, and he has the power to end it.

If he drops his suit, they’ll drop their counter suit. And if the whole thing is becoming such a headache that he’s going out of his way to keep certain aspects from going public, then there’s a good chance he’ll drop the whole thing.

Plus, he’s taking a gamble if he decides to press on. After all, if TMG really wants to prove Depp is mentally unsound, they just need introduce this photo into evidence.

Depp’s career and personal life are both in a tailspin, and he allows himself to be photographed in the presence of Johnny Drama? That’s not the act of a sane man.


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