Did you know SRK proposed to Priyanka? Here is her response

Did you know SRK proposed to Priyanka? Here is her response

We always knew that Priyanka had a thing with Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor. She is also a good friend of Shah Rukh Khan, however did you know SRK and Priyanka were more than ‘just good friends’?

When Priyanka Chopra contested in the Miss India 2000 pageant, she was asked a question by Shah Rukh Khan from the judges’ panel.

In this throwback video from 2000, you can clearly see SRK asking a question from PC.

Shah Rukh Khan asked, “Hypothetically, if you were to marry one of the following, who will it be. An Indian sportsman, like Azhar bhai – who would take you all around the world, make your country proud and make you swell with pride. Or an artistic businessman with a difficult name to pronounce like Swaroski, who would bedeck you with jewels and necklaces and you would never have to buy a chandelier for your house ever again. Or a Hindi film star like me, who has nothing better to do than to give you complicated multiple-choice questions about a hypothetical wedding.”

And you will be surprised to know Priyanka’s reply to SRK’s question. Have a look at this video below, and you’ll know how she responded:


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