Lady Gaga Will Return to American Horror Story.


Yes, the news is confirmed, Lady Gaga will return to American Horror Story next season. Lady Gaga herself revealed on Friday that she will be returning to American Horror Story. The actress won a Golden Globe for her performance in season 5.

The actress revealed during a radio interview that she plans to make a comeback on the popular FX show, but she wouldn’t give any details about what form that appearance would take.

She said: ‘I can’t promise you how, or when, or anything like that.’

Lady Gaga said working in American Horror Story was one of the greatest moments of her life.

It’s likely she will not reprise her role as The Countess, as “Horror Story,” Each season of American Horror Story reportedly takes place in the same universe, but it’s unusual for the same character to appear in more than one season. FX hasn’t made any formal casting announcements for the season, it’s unclear if Gaga will have a full role or just a small part.

For that we just have to wait further for the news. FHM Pakistan will keep you updated.


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