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Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to Love Yourself


It is said that self-love is the best love. But it is not easy because self-love and happiness aren’t found. You can’t just think of it and then you will start loving yourself. You have to discover, learn and practice it daily.

Loving yourself encourages those things which you often think Are not possible at all. When you love yourself, you start ignoring hate from others and you start jumping towards your goal. Your self-hate is the only thing that holds you from everything big that you can achieve.

If you don’t love yourself, then you can stay happy for others but you can never be happy from the inside. Because you will never feel that you deserve this happiness, these blessings but that’s wrong. God created you for a reason, don’t let yourself keep you away from your goals just because you don’t think that you are worthy or not.

People will talk behind you in every situation, that is their work. Why are you getting bothered by them? After you will become successful and achieve everything that those people can’t achieve their point of view will change automatically. They will still talk behind your back because they themselves don’t love their selves they also don’t have this much power in their self you face the world so they will backbite you everywhere. You have to start ignoring those people and start motivating yourself for betterment.

Don’t make yourself open to everyone. Be in a small circle with those people who are positive and give positive vibes to you also.

Just take this idea out of your mind that you need to be perfect for everything. No one is perfect in this world. No one is made perfect and they cannot make themselves that guy who is just perfect and best in everything. Don’t down yourself just because society expects something from you and cannot achieve that for them. This society didn’t feed you; they haven’t invested anything in you. So just stop thinking of this society start thinking about yourself. Embrace the fact that you cannot control everyone

Whenever you find a moment for yourself celebrate it to the end. Because that is your moment. be grateful for everything that you have. You are blessed with those. Do not underestimate those blessings.

Care for yourself, do not think that you are made just for work and stuff. You are also a human being like others. You also deserve everything that everyone has. Do not think negatively about yourself. And if it stills comes to your mind then start facing your negative thoughts and counter them with positive thoughts in your mind. and also eat healthier, work out daily to keep your body healthy.

In my final thoughts, I will just say that,

“Happiness is right in front of you, if only you choose to find it and practice it.”



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