Life on Mars?


We’ve been hearing for quite some while now that Mars is the closest planet to Earth in terms of habitability of Humans. The Mars 2020 mission was announced by NASA on 4th December 2012. The Perseverance rover was designed for the exploration of the ancient environment on Mars, its geological surface processes and history, including the assessment of its past habitability, the possibility of past life on Mars. The rover boasts 19 cameras and two microphones, allowing for audio recording of the Martian environment. Initially the Science Definition Team proposed that the rover collect and package as many as 31 samples of rock cores and surface soil for a later mission to bring back for definitive analysis on Earth. In 2015, they expanded the concept, planning to collect even more samples and distribute the tubes in small piles or caches across the surface of Mars. Yesterday after almost 8 years of hard work, Nasa has managed to land the Perseverance Rover on Mars safely. The Nasa office was absolutely appalled at this great feat, which is the first step to the exploration of this neighbouring planet. Who knows what the possibility of habilitation on Mars is for humans. Some people had concerns with this mission too. There is so much that needs work here on our home planet Earth, so why spend money on a foreign planet rather than spend on the betterment of our own planet? Even if Mars become habitable for humans, won’t only the Elite upper class be able to afford it?


Salman Masood

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