Meera shows interest in joining politics. Here’s what she has to say!

The ever-entertaining lollywood star Meera has recently sparked yet another headline.

The actress recently revealed that she will be joining politics and has plans to stand against Imran Khan in the upcoming elections which will be held in Lahore.

Too bad to be true right? But unfortunately, this isn’t a joke. And after sometime you will be forced to believe this bitter truth.

However, according to her, she would be the one who will get all the votes if she stands against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan. The preparations have started and the surprise will soon be revealed to the opponents.

Meera claimed, “I am more popular in the public than Imran Khan.”  She further said that being more popular than Khan, she would bag 100% success against him.

Earlier, the actress expressed her desire to marry our former cricketer Imran Khan, stating: “Imran Khan is a very good looking man, if he ever asked me to marry him, I would most definitely accept the offer.”

The actress then backtracked on her statement and said otherwise; “Imran Khan is like a father to me.” 

For a moment she admires Imran Khan and wishes to marry him and then the next moment she completely changes her mind.

There hasn’t been a single time when Meera didn’t surprise us. But this time, it’s different and a little too much to digest.

I hope and wish that Meera changes her mind again and we don’t get to hear such unpleasant news again.


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