If Middle age is a dress that doesn’t fix, we need to talk!


If you are past the stage of changing nappies and wiping little noses – or even if you’re still in that stage (or have never had kids), but have discovered that pimples and wrinkles CAN happily co-exist on your face. Welcome to Midulthood, a generation defining tribe where we are not our mothers, it doesn’t matter if there are kids or not. It’s okay to be not at all okay.

Here’s my advice to anyone who thinks that getting older is something to feel anything other than fantastic about.

* Don’t deprive yourself. Not from love, food, friendship or even hours of bad TV.

* Ladies: Stop being rude to other women. We need to be each other’s champions.

* Surround yourself with good people, People who treat you with love and kindness and respect and joy and the one who see the best in you.

* Like yourself, goddammit. Seriously. What are you waiting for? This is it. This is your life. Do you want to wish it away?

Stop carrying the weight of the world. If you choose independence wear it like your goddamn red flashing heels on a fancy night out. Wear your independence as a shield to cover and protect yourself. You’re Over the Hill,” just tell them: Yes I am. I’m standing at the top of that hill and looking down, and I am ready for the thrill of my life.


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